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#AskToun Episode 2 – I Have Vaginal Dryness & No Sexual Urge

#AskToun Episode 2 – I Have Vaginal Dryness & No Sexual Urge

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– Episode 2 Questions –

Question: I Have Vaginal Dryness & No Sexual Urge

“I’m thirty five, mother of 2 children born through Caesarian Operation. For some time now, I’ve been having vaginal dryness and no sexual urge. I’ve gone for series of tests but no problem was detected. My doctor says it’s normal with women that gave birth through CS. How true is this?”


Lesson 2 from Toun Ayoola:

It’s very natural for desire to take a while for a woman’s body to recover after giving birth. Vaginal dryness is quite common during nursing. In some cases, it continues after nursing and also happens after both vaginal birth and CS, as the body produces less of the hormone estrogen.

In most cases of having no sexual urge, fatigue and stress is usually the main reason.

So take time out to rest properly and schedule a time out with your husband, without the kids interfering.

You can take them over to your parents and create time for just you and your husband.

Try out different things and spice up your bedroom menu, make an effort, put on sexy lingerie and see if the urge improves.

To counter dryness, try engaging in a lot of foreplay as this helps to keep you lubricated. Also, use Eve’s intimate magic stick as it helps to improve vaginal dryness and increases libido.



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