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#AskToun Episode 3 – My Wife Doesn’t Enjoy Sex

#AskToun Episode 3 – My Wife Doesn’t Enjoy Sex

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Welcome to another episode of #AskToun Series, where Olatoun Ayoola answers your questions on ‘Sex, Relationship & Marital Issues’. To get your question answered on this blog, write to her using the hashtag #AskToun!


– Episode 3 Questions –

Question: My Wife Doesn’t Enjoy Sex, What Do I Do?


“You wrote that your wife doesn’t enjoy sex, have you spoken to her about it?

Ask her what exactly she doesn’t enjoy.

Is it the fore play?

Is it the penetration?

Is sex painful for her?

Could it be that she doesn’t have the urge for sex?

How do you make love to her?

Do you spend some time on foreplay or do you just go straight to penetration?

Do you ask her what she wants and what she likes? 

Do you help around the house?

You see for women, sex begins in the mind?

It could be that she’s stressed. You can’t leave her to do all the house chores, take care of the kids and then at night expect her to be a sex siren in the bedroom.

For women, sex is first psychological. So before a woman enjoys sex you have to put all these into consideration.

Is it the technique or style of lovemaking?

Do you spice up your bedroom menu with different styles?

Do you ask her if she likes what you are doing and also what she would want you to do to her?

Most times men assume that they know what women want, please do not assume but ask lovingly.

Spend time in foreplay and take your time to explore every niche of your wife and have her do same to you.

When making love, concentrate on giving pleasure first before receiving as this will help her to enjoy sex which will be more fulfilling or you.”



That’s it for this episode of #AskToun Anything. You can also drop your thoughts, comments  and advice below. Feel free to send in your burning questions through our contact form.

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