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Welcome To #OurIntimateSecrets Blog: Let’s Talk About SEX!

Welcome To #OurIntimateSecrets Blog: Let’s Talk About SEX!

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Everyone is doing it, but no one is talking about it. 


Some people can’t even bring themselves to say the word penis or vagina.

We need a society that feels less shame and guilt around sexuality.

A society which would inspire each other. healing not only

Healing not only relationships but also the society and increase healthy sexuality. 

Isn't it time you enjoyed your sex life? 

Because more intimacy, leads to better sex. right?

Feelings of shame and guilt are the main factors so many women aren’t able to orgasm and so many men have no clue on how to please a woman!

Sexuality is our core essence and its purpose is not solely for reproduction. It is the gateway to higher states of awareness, for peace and connection.

The reason why I've decided to blog on this topic is because our society and the world generally is having a disturbed relationship with sexuality. 

Our society is conservative and religious when it comes to our sexuality. 

So I want to create an avenue for people to be free, express themselves, learn and share stories about their sexuality without being shy and help address underlying issues men and women have and face about their sexual life.

On this blog, I will take the taboo out of sex. 

I will have straight talks about all things sex because sex was meant to be enjoyed, so it’s time to rediscover true passion and pleasure.

I would bring my professional expertise as a relationship, marriage counsellor, a sex therapist, and family life coach into this blog to help you learn and counsel you about sex, sexuality, relationships, marriage, sexual health and family life.

Please let me know what you would be interested in learning from me in the comment section or send me a mail here. I would like to hear from you.

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I will answer your questions and also post it on the blog for others to also answer, contribute and learn.

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Increase your intimacy, indulge your passion!



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