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A Nigerian Couple & Lovers’ Guide To Oral Sex

A Nigerian Couple & Lovers’ Guide To Oral Sex

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Did you know that oral sex can actually help save your life?

The benefit of oral sex when done right can be so much fun and helps to ‘spice up’ a relationship.

However, many people look down upon these oral acts of sex as being dirty or not so hygienic.

On the contrary, science has proved that these acts are beneficial to health. There are some cons as well however. Let’s go through them one by one.

But first… let’s define what oral sex means.


What Is Oral Sex?

Oral sex simply means using your mouth, lips and/or tongue to stimulate your partner’s genitals before, during or after sex.

When oral stimulation is given to a woman it’s an excellent way of getting her aroused in almost all areas of her body and senses.

Also, if it’s done by an experienced partner, it’s an extremely effective way of giving her an orgasm. Therefore, the term “practice makes perfect” can’t be over emphasized.

Many women who have had difficulty in climaxing find that oral sex helps them to ‘come’.

Similarly, oral sex given to a man is something that many males find exciting.

Also, where an older man is having difficulties with potency, oral ‘suction’ by his partner can help with inducing a good erection.


Different Types of Oral Sex for Both Sexes:

  • Oral sex given to a woman by her partner (whether male or female) is called ‘cunnilingus’. Generally, the idea is to kiss and lick the entire vulva, but eventually to concentrate on the area around the woman’s clitoris.


  • Oral sex given to a man by his partner (again, female or male) is generally termed fellatio. Though strictly speaking, this word only covers the type of oral caress in which the penis actually enters the partner’s mouth.


Some couples practice cunnilingus and fellatio at the same time. In other words, the man has his mouth on the woman’s genitals, while she has her mouth on his.

69 oral sex style

This activity is widely known as ‘the 69’ or ‘le soixante-neuf’, because of the notion that when viewed from the side, the couple’s bodies look a bit like the figures ‘6’ and ‘9’.



Nigerian Guys! Here’s How To Perform Oral Sex (Cunnilingus) On Your Woman:

Cunnilingus can be intensely exciting for many women. It’s also satisfying for a man who enjoys giving his partner intense pleasure.

However, for ‘first-timers’ it can be a somewhat overwhelming experience. So, if either of you is just learning or isn’t used to this type of thing, it’s a good idea to take things easy at the beginning.

Therefore, the man should avoid making a sudden lunge for his partner’s genitals.

A gradual approach is usually better, taking care to kiss her tummy and thighs before slowly progressing to her vulva. (The vulva is the external and visible part of the female genitals.)

Useful tips include:

Take care to keep things moist.

Begin by gently kissing the entire area of the vulva later, progress to kissing the clitoral region in the early stages, avoid direct pressure on the clitoris, which is a very sensitive organ kiss just to one side of it, or just above it – at least, during the first few minutes of cunnilingus.

The most intense stimulation is generally provided by using the tip of your tongue on the clitoral area. If properly done, this will bring most women to a climax.

Never ever blow air into a woman’s vagina as this can cause embolism and can lead to death!


Nigerian Ladies! Here’s how to get down on your Man

As noted above, the word fellatio really means putting your partner’s penis in your mouth.

But women who are skilled lovers will also go in for such techniques as kissing the penis and licking it.

In addition, give oral attention to the man’s testicles, although this is nothing like as intensely arousing as ‘working’ on the penis – since there are far more nerve endings in the penile shaft and head.

Having a penis enter your mouth can be a bit of a shock for an inexperienced woman. However, a lot of females get used to it, and indeed like it.

While doing this, the woman can also caress the testicles while the penis is in her mouth.

Nevertheless, the man should take great care not to ‘ram’ his organ hard into his partner’s mouth. This can cause great discomfort and even gagging.

From the male point of view, the softness, warmth and moisture of the mouth clearly ‘mimic’ the qualities of the vagina.

In addition, a partner’s mouth has two attributes that the vagina does not possess.

There’s a tongue – and this can be used to swirl around the penis during fellatio.

The mouth can create suction – and this can be useful in creating and maintaining an erection.

On the downside, the mouth has teeth – and you need to take care not to dig them into your man.

Some women make a practice of covering their incisor teeth with their lips during fellatio, but this is quite difficult.


Summing up

It rests totally on individuals about the performance of these two sexual acts.

While there are many people who enjoy good fellatio and cunnilingus, there are many others who prefer not to indulge in it for their own reasons.

Having a good talk with your partner about this issue will help you overcome any misgivings that he/she may have about it, and cajole them into these acts.

Educate them into the safety of performing these acts and how much pleasure can be derived from these two sexual acts, while pregnancy is avoided.

Deciding whether or not to have oral sex is a personal choice. Some people like it; others do not.

You should consider your values, where you are in your relationship, how you feel about giving/receiving oral sex, how your partner feels about giving/receiving oral sex.

Oral sex is pretty exciting and fun, and it can help a lot with the physical side of a relationship.

These days, most couples do it at times.

But it’s best if you only do it with your regular partner, and not with someone ‘casual’



So tell me, what is your take on oral sex? Is it part of your bedroom menu? Do you enjoy it or are you yet to try it out? Share with me in the comment section below.

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