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Eve Intimate Magic Stick
The Secret To A Tight & Healthy Vagina

Eve Intimate Magic Stick is a vaginal tightener you will enjoy! It’s a playful and fun way to experiment with different sensations and rediscover intense pleasure.

Make it feel like the first time every time, with Eve Intimate Magic Stick. It intensifies your lovemaking sessions and lasts for several hours without using any messy creams or gels. Get yours today from Nigeria’s Sex Store

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buy jade egg shaped kegel balls in lagos nigeria
Jade Egg Kegel Balls

Buy Kegel Balls Online in Lagos Nigeria

Looking for where to buy kegel balls in Lagos Nigeria? Shop online for your Jade Egg Kegel Balls and strengthen your vaginal & pelvic floor muscles.

What do kegel balls do for women?

The Jade Egg is an egg-shaped stone that is used to insert into the vagina to train and strengthen your pelvic floor.

Order yours today.

Free shipping around Nigeria.

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kayan mata
Kayan Mata

Where Can I Buy Kayan Mata in Lagos Nigeria?

Shop online at Our Intimate Secrets.

Kayan Mata is the most common herbs Hausa women use to keep their sex life explosive .


Literally, Kaya means property and Mata means woman in the Hausa language. Some women say sex without Kayan Mata is like cooking without spice, it makes men enjoy so much and also makes sex memorable for the woman.


There are different components of Kayan Mata and the best of it are prepared in some Northern states like Sokoto, Maiduguri, Kastina,and Kebbi.


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Lady Care After Birth Kit lagos nigeria
Lady Care/After Birth Kit

Why Buy Lady Care/After Birth Kit Natural Treatment?

  • This kit helps you have a fulfilled and enjoyable sex life, whether you are single, married or after just having a baby.
  • It keeps you in tune with your body, maintains and keeps your intimate parts in top shape.

Order yours today.

Free delivery across Lagos.

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Urinary Incontinence & Vaginal Tightening Kit Nigeria
Urinary Incontinence & Vaginal Tightening Kit

Why Should You Order urinary Incontinence & Vaginal Tightening Kit?

  • This kit strengthens the pelvic muscles for improved bladder control.
  • It tightens the muscles in the vagina.
  • It helps prevent vaginal prolapse and speed up vaginal recovery post-pregnancy.

Order yours today. Free delivery available nationwide within 72 hours.

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