Strictly for married women it’s for attraction and sexual sweetness


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What is a Chicken Herbs Session?

The name chicken herbs is derived from the use of a particular set of concoction used to prepare chicken.

There are various versions to this herb such as the meat herbs, fish herbs, egg herbs, and the all in one combination which can be boiled with chicken, fish, meat or egg. But from experience, the chicken herbs supersedes in efficiency and durability and is more prominent.

In Hausa, the Chicken Herb is preferably known as chi da ka za. It is usually prepared with a very powerful herb and as such isn’t sold to single ladies except married women and brides to be.

They are prepared in the northern states for couples who are bonding.

How Does Chicken Herb Session Work?

The chicken is eaten by the woman alone and helps in firming of the pelvic floors. Also acts as a sex sweetner, sex enhancer, stimulant.
The efficiency of this herbs keeps a man grounded and its effect can last up to 6 months.

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Please note:
They don’t include jazz, vodoo or charms as it is widely believed to be, they are basically herbal sex supplements
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