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Kaya literarily means load, mata means woman…so basically Kayanmata are SEX enhancers, sweeteners, attraction kit and  aphrodisiacs (libido booster)


Are you bored in bed? Is your man a one minute man? Are you considering quitting your marriage because of  a boring sex life?


Are you sexually inactive?


Boost your sexual power!!

Last longer, be the real man!


Sex in a woman’s world has the same currency a penny has in a man. Every penny saved is a penny earned in one world and in the next; every sexual adventure is a literal experience.



If you are a man and you don’t want to lose your wifey to sugar boys, better read this.


And if you’re a woman and side chics have taken over your marriage, worry no more because we have something to wake up your dead sex life, we’ve sweeteners that will make oga running home from work to come have a taste of your vjay.


We’ve different varieties of sweeteners to ginger your drive for hot sessions with Oga ranging from;




Empress royal set 30k    £75    $100

Is for women who don’t enjoy sex, who don’t have the urge to have sex, who just have sex for sex sake. Who don’t climax(cum),who are dry during sex and find sex painful.

Ladies you are supposed to enjoy sex too it’s a mutual emotion and feelings that’s need to be shared. This set makes sex pleasurable for both male and female. Giving you both optimum sexual pleasure ,increases wetness, stamina and stimulates increases love and affection (sometimes increases money too lol )😉

Set includes


* 10types of sweeteners (insertion&oral)

* Tightening wand/ stick

* 1Tightening soap

* 4 Stimulants (includes stimulant chewing gum)





***** 4 in 1 Pleasure – Me  Kit (25k).   £55.  $70


For mind blowing sex and super sweetness that is out of this world,  this set is for you. Your Man will be all over you!  This set contains


Dark chocolate

Intoxic oral

Powdered sweetner -5 blends

Insertion beads for tightening and Sweetness


******** Complimentary Orgasmic gel  is included in the kit free



Tightening  Magic Stick – –  36,500.   £90.  $120


Eve Magic stick Is for women who have given birth /have children or just feel they need would like to feel tight again makes sex more pleasurable and tightens vaginal muscle walls,it makes your vagina fresh and eliminates bad odor


Eve magic stick makes your vjay very tight,  removes odour,  infections and cleanses your system….. Its a must for every woman,  it keeps your vjay in top shape ( its called secret ceres in other countries   you can also google it) and it lasts for more than a year and it doesn’t expire



Honey pot tightening set 15k  £35.    $50

Is for women who have given birth /have children or just feel they need would like to feel tight again makes sex more pleasurable and tightens vaginal muscle walls,tightening soap makes your vagina fresh and eliminates bad odor

*Tightening stick/wand

*Tightening soap


Compliment sweetener included

Lasts for less than six months ( small version of the Eve Magic stick)



Jade Magic Tightening Wand – 25k £55  $70

Jade Magic Wand is made from natural minerals that help to remove or kill bacteria, viruses and germs, eliminating odor, combined with antiseptic substances from betel leaf to cure infection and irritation, seaweed to provide nutrients to epithelial tissue in the cavity of vagina that increase the elasticity, firmness and strengthens the vagina muscles thereby making the vagina tight . Jade Magic wand has refined materials that can overcome vagina disorder more effectively and safely, without negative side effects.


Jade Magic Wand is  a pure organic product



Intoxic 15k (inserted).     £35.    $50

(not included in the set)

Makes  your man sexually addicted to you , makes sex extremely pleasurable for the man gives him ultimate, optimum sexual enjoyment and makes him keep coming back for more!



Intoxic Splash -15k.  £35.   $50

makes sex extremely pleasurable for the man gives him ultimate, optimum sexual enjoyment and makes him keep coming back for more!( You douche with it)( we have douche bags that you can use, it’s 7k)



Excite Me Spray – 8k £10 $20

Excite Me Spray is a liquid enhancer that increases the sensitivity of female genetalia by stimulating sexual desires resulting in arousal after being sprayed onto the clitoris. Like anyone else, every woman has the right to sexual satisfaction and Excite Me Spray is the first step and the most convenient way in discovering the gratifying sensation of sexual intercourse.This product is a liquid formula spray designed to excite a woman’s sexual desire, making her engaged and sexually aroused, and as an effect, it is much easier for her to achieve sexual orgasm. Excite Me Spray is good for women with low sex drive or libido. From the product’s name itself, it makes you seem flying in a limbo once sprayed, massaged onto the clitoris, and completely absorbed. It provides you with a pleasant tingling and warming sensation. Furthermore, it is developed for women and examined by women to improve sexual expertise and sex drive



Horny me – 6k £15.   $25

Makes you very horny,allows sensational feelings in vagina makes sex pleasurable for you…



The chicken session 30k

Strictly for married women it’s for attraction and sexual sweetness ,your man won’t be able to get enough of you the sweetness will last in your system till you give birth, he will be attached to you nothing can possibly get in between you two.(obviously having good characteristic helps too )

I suggest you top up every 3-4months

You eat a whole chicken with herbs

(Available in Lagos  and Abuja Home service). Working on other states.



Incense (turare)session 15k

You sit over burning coal and incense

is for tightening and attraction purifies you renews positive ora.

(Available in Lagos Home service). Working on other states.



Candy sweetner – –  12k.   £25.  $40

Its a sweetner that makes your man enjoy sex and dance to your tune, it makes sex pleasurable for you and your man…….



Pleasure rocks – – –  12k.   £25.    $40

It makes sex pleasurable  for him and it keeps  him coming back for more…. It gives a different type of sweetness , it makes you very wet and sweet and it makes penetration easier…. You can insert in your vjay and you can swallow it



Intimate Pheromone. -15k( perfume) £35.    $50

Just a dash of this perfume on any part of your body will attract your partner to you and makes him yearn for you always.



Sensual pleasure – 12k.  £25. $40

Makes you extremely wet, makes your vagina taste sweet so oral sex will be pleasurable for the receiver and giver and makes sex interesting



Super Bonding Combo- 30k. £75.   $100

This is for you, if you are looking to bond more with your spouse and also make him listen to you ……this combo will bring you super close to him and make you topmost in his mind , we include the very effective Gindin Ayu in this combo



Adodun  – – 15k  £35   $50


It makes sex sweeter,  love making  becomes  out of this world,  so the  male keeps craving for more




Waist beads attraction is 10k £25 $40

Waist beads is for attraction seduction and makes your man attached to you . Beads makes you sexy

*Your husband can’t get enough of you

*You have an edge /upper hand over every other women

*He sees only you in every






*Ariella breast firming and enlargement-  30k. £75.  $100


Our breast enlargement and firming herbs work  in just a few weeks.


Made from all natural plant ingredients, fenugreek, mexican wild yam, damiana, black cohosh, Dong Quai, avena sativa etc


This all natural breast enlargement formula has been specifically designed to increase breast size in women safely and effectively and also firm up the breast.


It works by stimulating hormones

that promote an increase in breast

size. Perfect for women looking to increase their breast size without expensive or risky surgeries!


If you are only  interested  in the firming option,  just make sure you  indicate  during  purchase.


This kit contains,  tablets,  firming oil and powder




**Ariella  bum enlargement set  —-30k. £75  $100



Are you trying to build a bigger booty, but worried about the side effects of using the butt enhancement supplements? Don’t worry! The mother nature has got a wonderful solution in the form of herbs for buttocks enlargement.


Since, these herbs are 100% natural products, there is a very little to no side effects. However, not everyone could include these herbs directly in their diet and so, you can use the supplements.



So, using these herbs will not only increase the buttocks size, but also your overall health and the reproductive system of a woman.


This kit contains  tablets and syrup



If after reading you don’t understand please book an appointment to come  to the office for further consultation.

5k to secure an appointment.


We also have a counseling service,

if you need someone to talk to, relationship issues  life issues call to book an appointment/ session ( a session  is 30k, it takes about  2 –  3hrs),

Dont with worry we won’t judge you.(  This service is available  on Tuesday,  Thursday  and  Saturday)


Remember we run a confidential service so no 3rd party will be informed


After using Our intimate secrets Kayan Mata  sex will NEVER  be the same .

No side effects

100% Herbs Not Fetish or Juju

Do not use if you don’t want your man sexually attached to you !!!!!!


All fixed price. Pick what applies to you directions on how to use will follow after payment has been confirmed.


Delivery within Lagos is 2-3days after payment is confirmed, the rest of Nigeria is 3-5days , Ghana is 3 working days while U.S,  Canada, Australia,   Ireland and the rest of Europe is 8 working days after payment is confirmed


Shipping fees applies



FOR MEN (Kayan Maza)


For men who suffer from impotence, life becomes a nightmare. Men who suffer the disastrous effect of erectile dysfunction know the psychological trauma and hardship associated with this condition, which may be caused by stress, anxiety, certain medicals issues or life style.


The height of frustration is when you’re not able to satisfy your woman.


No more premature ejaculation


No more tiredness


Increase interest in sexual activity and remedy loss of libido!


No more 2minutes action (even today’s indomie takes longer than 2 minutes so you don’t have any excuse)


Kayan Maza kit (premature ejaculation)- 25k £50 $70

*Having a healthy and active sex life can have a major impact on the quality of your life! It’s highly important that you not only feel sexually satisfied, but that you are able to sexually satisfy your partner too.Problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction can not only be frustrating and embarrassing, it can seriously affect your relationships. Using ancient herbal remedies, Our intimate secrets Kayan Maza has proven to be highly effective in treating both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.Our male sexual enhancement herbs can even help those who suffer from ED or PE – they can really take your sex life to the next level! With a specifically formulated blend of herbal remedies, Our intimate Secret Kayan Maza can lead to an explosive sex life.


Enjoy rock hard erections, lasting longer than ever before AND an increased sexual libido and stamina.Using Our intimate Secret Kayan Maza will make your sexual stamina go through the roof! Our powerful blend of herbs will deliver fast results that will not only increase the intensity of your pleasure, it will help you last longer in bed.You will use the herbal cofee and tea when you want to have sex no milk or sugar  and the other liquid daily for a Month




**We also have our fast action pills – 15k £35 $50  ( show time pills) that will put you in the mood and give you rock hard erection in less than 15 mins ( 100% herbal) …….to be taken with a drink…..


***Alexander Penis enlargement – -25k £50  $70


100% Natural

Would you like to Increase the length and girth of your penis?

Nourishing  herbs for penile growth Naturals are most trusted for health care since they do not cause side effects or health complications when used properly. Moreover, natural solutions often contain a series of nutrients that can bring about more changes to the body. The same thing goes with penis enlargement. Instead of trusting harmful remedies for a bigger penis, you have the option to use naturals for penis enlargement.


Herbs are among the best answers for your penis nourishment. You can use them to increase the size of your member and improve its mechanisms.


Results should begin to show as from week three.


This Penis enlargement  kit contains pills and cream





Sex is the sauce of life, the ultimate physical ecstasy. It makes the world go round, it enlivens the senses, instills well being and fulfils unexpressed wishes.




Why not try something hot from us this Today!!!!!


Take the kids to grandma and I bet you won’t regret you did.


Get your confidence back with testimonies at affordable rates.


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