olatoun ayoola

Olatoun Ayoola


I am a Relationship and Marriage Counselor, a Sex Therapist, Family life Coach and Blogger. I started counseling because of the need to help provide hope, support and guidance for individuals and couples, both in and out of marriages, relationships and their sex life, and also to help them live a fulfilling and enriching life

As a counselor for your intimate relationship, I do more than just listen, I provide skills and tools to help you solve the problems in your relationship, heal the hurts, restore friendship, deepen intimacy and connection and strengthen your relationship.

Your intimate relationships should be your safe heaven, but what happens when that safe haven no longer feels so safe? Whether through having the same fight over and over again, broken trust or feelings of disconnections, it can create an environment of fear anger, doubt, grief, frustration, and longing. It is important for me to provide a safe, nonjudgmental, and confidential environment for individuals, couples, and families. Someone you can talk to about difficult and painful issues that are causing problems in their lives in order to resolve them .a place to help improve most important relationships.

I help focus on the sexual side of relationships, that intimate zone that is often hard to discuss but it is so crucial to a relationship’s health and can help couples become more and more intimate.
Some people have issues, and we can’t say if the relationship issues are resolved the sex issues will be too, it has to be worked on. I also advocate no holds barred approach addressing sexual concerns, sexual functions, and expressions of men and women

I work and counsel clients in a private and confidential setting to clarify their issues, to help build confidence in and out of the bedroom, help to save marriages, communicate better in ways that nurture one another and form deeper bonds in their relationships, solve sexual problems, because sex is a part of intimacy, bring back the loving feeling.

Helping families heal is my passion and my life’s work, because I have seen firsthand how people struggle with their relationship problems, I have seen how people who start out loving each other end up hurting each other, I have seen how boring and unfulfilling sex life has led to a lot of issues in and out of marriages. It has led to infidelity, dissatisfaction; divorce and breakdown of marriages.so invest in your relationship and your sex life. I look forward to helping you achieve a blissful, loving and sexually fulfilling relationship and marriage.

Worried about my qualifications? I have a Master’s Degree in Public and International Affairs from the University of Lagos. Certificate in Counseling from the Counseling Institute Scotland, Diploma in Couples and Family counseling from the same institute and a Certificate in Human Sexuality from the Institute of Sexology, California

Olatoun Ayoola
Increase your intimacy, indulge your passion!